Monday, October 21, 2013

Enjoying October With Some Vintage Halloween Postcards

I thoroughly enjoy Halloween. As soon as October hits...heck, when the stores start placing out Halloween props, I get giddier than a Koala in an Eucalyptus tree!
Halloween to me is about the costumes, props, pumpkin patches, etc. Recently I've taken an interest in vintage Halloween products. Namely: postcards.  I enjoy looking over the images of them that you find all over the internet. When I'm lucky enough to run into an original at an antique store, I buy them to add to my collection.
I also enjoy scanning them and working on them making them look better with editing software. I've worked on hundreds of Halloween cards and have put them up for sale through Zazzle. There are numerous items that are for sale including: cell phone cases, postcards, greeting cards, playing cards, t-shirts, other apparel and more. And all vintage Halloween images!  If you're interested, please click the card above to go view my selection of Halloween items.